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Multi Stakholder Group

The Timor-Leste Government invited civil society and industry to nominate their representatives to form a Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG). Then the first MSG meeting occur May 2007, since then the MSG has held monthly meetings, bringing together representatives from the government, civil society, petroleum industry and international organizations to develop EITI workplan of activities and monitor the progress,  share an ideas, discuss, evaluate and also the overall EITI decision making, in order to ensure that the implementation of EITI in Timor-Leste is achievable and in line with the international standard requirements.
The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources former Secretary of state was designated as focal point of the EITI process in Timor-Leste. The MSG is chaired by Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.
There are twelve (12) members of the EITI Multi Stakeholder Group and it consists :
Six members of Government Agency Representatives:
1) Mr. Alfredo Pires, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
2) Elda Guterres da silva, National Coordinator TL-EITI
3) Angelo Lay, Director of Commerce (National Petroleum Authority)
4) Venancio Alves Maria, Executive Director (Central Bank of Timor-Leste)
5) Joao de Metrio Xavier, Petroleum Fund Operational (Ministry of Finances)
6) Filipe Nery Bernardo, Petroleum Fund Analyst (Ministry of Finances)
1) Fernando Carvalho, Chief Account ( Central Bank of Timor-Leste)
2) Honesia Araujo, Marketing and Revenue Management Officer (ANP)
Three members of Industries representatives:
1) Angelina Branco, Eni Country Representatives
2) John Prowse, Country Manager Timor-Leste Woodside Energy Ltd
3) Jose Lobato, Country Manager ConocoPhillips Timor-Leste
Three members of civil society representatives:
1) Mericio Juvinal dos Reis, Director of Luta Hamutuk,
2) Martinha da Silva, Director Feto Hadomi Familia (FHF)
3) Carlos A. B. Florindo, Manager (East Timor Action for Development and Progress
1) Remigio Vieira Laka, Alternate General Director of Farming Study Group (FSG) In this group, all of the members have the right to vote expect alternate on issues discussed at the meetings.

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