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Seeds of Life or destruction of culture?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Seeds of Life or destruction of culture?
Hungry East Timor debates
NICK SHERIDAN | JAN 11, 2013 11:13AM

The AusAID-funded program Seeds of Life is creating debate in East Timor, where some locals fear the modern systems of farming taking over the traditional organic methods. Freelance journalist Nick Sheridan reports.

It’s the hungry season in East Timor, that time of year when food from last year’s crops has run out and the next harvest is yet to be reaped. In Guriwai in the country’s east, the farmers are passing out their corn and peanuts to a visiting group of international nutrition experts. For Guriwai at least, this year there will be no hungry season.

Guriwai’s relative wealth has many causes — cultivation methods, environmental and climatic conditions all play their part. But it’s the use of new seed varieties introduced by the AusAID-funded program Seeds of Lif…