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FSG’s Statement site for all members G7+

FSG’s Statement site for all members G7+

Farming Study Group (FSG) Timor Leste’s That’s aims to prevent conflict on farmers by the way of advocacy and share some information to the public needs. That’s why FSG should to inform all about following text;
G7+ it self is the post conflict Nation but rich on Natural resource state. Like Timor Leste. What’s wrong about these cases deep inside?
·No political well for National Priority (Agriculture, Education, Healthy)
·A Lot Corruption High Level (National Corruption Together) and no management well.
·The Companies existing in Timor Sea no pay taxes well to the Timor Leste Government.
·No access for Rural Development for all sectors.
The all of items (factors) that’s will be affect for horizontal Conflict in Timor Leste Nationality For example: in 2006 Timor Leste on Conflict and political crisis. Now it’s well but still on Fragile state.
There for, this event, civil Society FSG hope, all members G7+ should to made solution for all nation Post Con…

Key Policy Provision Of The National Seed Policy OfTIMOR LESTE

Key Policy Provision Of The National Seed Policy Of TIMOR LESTE
Sr. Adalfredo do Rosario Ferreira,

Seed sector in Timor Leste
vPredominance of seeds of local plant varieties
vOver 80% seed contributed by informal seed systems (use and exchange of farm-saved seeds)
vSeed exchange largely non-monetized
Timor Leste’s net food deficit and imports food worth USD 25 million annuallyHigh dependence on seed import (rice and corn)
vabout 200 tons annually
MAF-SOL program initiated in 2000 to increase access to improved seeds of major food crops
vEvaluation to identify suitable crop varieties
v10 new varieties of maize, rice, sweet potato, cassava and peanut released for cultivation
vSupport for formal and informal seed production
Private sector almost non-existent and organized seed production and marketing lackingSeed Policy urgently needed to promote and regulate quality seed production and distribution
Approach used:
Formation of National Seed Policy…