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who will create the Job? like Public Institutions or Company.

Timor-Leste (Chair) Until recently, the history of Timor-Leste had been marked by civil war and violence resulting in high levels of poverty and insecurity. However, since independence in 2002 the country has made strides in security and development demonstrating the potential of fragile states when individual country context as the starting point.
Central to Timor-Leste’s success has been the revenue generated from offshore oil and gas deposits and national defined development priorities, which have been identified through the National Priorities Process (NPP). The NPP has encouraged dialogue between the government and development partners resulting in agreed priorities that meet the needs and concerns of all stakeholders. On the basis of this collaboration Timor-Leste has achieved unprecedented growth, including a 9% decrease in poverty, double-digit economic growth and vast improvements in health and education sectors. Additionally, the country has encouraged transpa…